Lore of Uncharted Peak

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Volume I - King's letter

As of 2 b'ak'tun 10 k'atun 13 tun 16 winal, King Gregory II of Stillfall, convened forth four hundred peasants throughout his reach. Their purpose yet unknown, they did as their king and reign had behest. 2 winal 9 k'in later, the peasants had congregated in the hall of wisdom. Their purpose first became clear when the voice had spoken, and the room was filled with knowledge.

A letter from the king himself, enveloped in the finest dear hide and written with ink from the lovat octopus, needed to be delivered not later nor sooner than 2 k'in. The peasant chosen to deliver the letter is not of great importance, nor more decent than the throng, yet the voice did not hesitate her decision. As ordered, the letter arrived in time, and addressed to scholar and nobleman Lay. Its content, when read, was of great importance indeed, as expected by the eminency. Although not fully conceived, Lay had already accepted the formal enquiry.

1 winal 4 k'in later, and when the fireflies had woken, Lay entered the hall of wisdom. Even though the feast had begun, and the room was filled with wine and laughter, the silence did not await for long, as the first peasants heeded the new guest. As Lay commenced his oration a head higher than the commoners, a trait of his position as a member of the nobility, chatter among some peasant flared, but before noticed, waned off. The first words uttered, even exigent to comprehend, danced through the room. The coming words uttered, was of incitement as well as importance. When the final words had been spoken, even the misdoubted acceded.

A journey set out by the king himself, led by Lay, was about to embark. Its intent, for the kingdom at least, was to claim new unexplored land, and to stand strong against queen Asha of the distant land Orea. As of Lay's own end, well even I was unsure of that. At night, and only by wooden vessel, could one reach the land of shadows, as it was foretold in the third verse of Zera. The ninth and last verse to be found, describes foul beasts and the tribulation of mankind. As faith is still strong after the war of the Empyrean 1 b'ak'tun 5 k'atun 6 tun 17 winal ago, some trepidation could be espial among some of the peasants.

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