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Uncharted Peak is a story driven, turn-based role-playing game in a medieval fantasy setting.

The game can be played anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a web browser. It is free to play and doesn't require much time.

A characters equipped items and inventory.
Ingame loot screen.
Ingame combat screen.
Quests and the map used to navigate.
Features of Uncharted Peak Classes of Uncharted Peak

Interesting gameplay
Battle monsters in turn-based tactical combat on a battlefield grid. Find equipment, trade it with your friends and create the best warrior. Fight other players in duels or guild versus guild challenges.

Diverse character system
Three character races with their own unique bonuses. Six different player classes, each with six different feats and one ability, in addition to its special attributes and playing styles.

Lots of content
15 zones featuring hundreds of different monsters. Hundreds of items with own magic and unique versions resulting in millions of combinations. Quests to show you the path ahead and an extra unlockable difficulty. Find exclusive mounts and fill up your stable.

Online community
Take part in the online community with personal profile pages, guild pages and ladders. Statistics and achievements to track your progress and show to others.

Races of Uncharted Peak
Human Human
Humans are versatile townsfolk, which are quite adaptive to changes. They are overconfident and the most dominant race.

Dryad Dryad
Dryads are agile, intelligent beings that are born and raised in the forest. They try to avoid contact with other races, but are generally friendly towards others.

Demon Demon
Demons are strong, less agile beings, living in shadows and hidden locations, usually underground. They are feared by most other creatures.

Templar Templar
Templars are skilled warriors blessed by the heavens with divine powers. They are lawful and open for advice from the elders. They specialize in sharp weapons, typically swords, and heavy armors.

Monk Monk
Monks are experts in martial arts and have full control of their mind and body. They usually train in cloisters under strict rules. They are specialized in unarmed combat and wear light clothing.

Berserker Berserker
Berserkers are mindless brutes with a fierce temper and uncontrollable strength. They inflict fear in the hearts of their foes. They prefer fighting with two weapons and medium armors.

Enchanter Enchanter
Enchanters are masters of the magic arts, but weak in melee combat. Because of their tight connection with magic they are quite resistant to elements. They wield wands, staves and light clothing.

Guardian Guardian
Guardians are masters in the art of defending themselves and others from harm. They are social, skilled with words and considered natural leaders. They use shields, heavy armors and usually maces.

Rogue Rogue
Rogues use tactics and stealth to surprise their enemies. They rarely cooperate with others when there is no personal gain. They wear medium armors and are great with bows and daggers.

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