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Fight your way up to the peak of a mountain in a medival fantasy setting. Ferocious animals, haunting undead, magical elementals, bandits and trained warriors stand in your way.

Uncharted Peak is a web browser role-playing game available at
It is free to play, but there are optional payment options to enhance your game.


  • Battle monsters in turn-based tactical combat on a battlefield grid.
  • Find equipment, trade it with your friends and create the best warrior.
  • Fight other players in duels or guild versus guild challenges.

  • 15 zones featuring hundreds of different monsters.
  • Hundreds of items with own magic and unique versions.
  • Quests to show you the path ahead.
  • Find exclusive mounts and fill up your stable.

  • Three character races with their own unique bonuses: Humans, Dryads and Demons.
  • Six different player classes with unique spells and playing styles: Templar, Monk, Berserker, Enchanter, Guardian and Rogue.
  • Each class has six different feats and one ability, in addition to its special attributes.

  • Statistics to track your progress.
  • Take part in the online community with personal profile pages, guild pages and ladders.
A screenshot of a characters equipped items and inventory.