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Lunar Radiation is a free arcade shoot 'em up game under development. It has RPG elements like skilltrees and spells and is huge in content. Including highscore lists based on your online profile, so you can compare yourself with other players. There will be held competitions with prizes for great accomplishments.


  • An exciting story.
  • Five progressing difficulties where you can continue with your profile on each one.
  • Six different factions with unique spells and playing styles.

  • A map where you can browse each planet, and start the level of your choice.
  • Many progressive 'story levels' per difficulty, and a lot of additional planets.
  • Different quests that can be completed throughout the game.
  • Instant buffs and collectible powerups on each level.

  • Many different enemies that you will encounter throughout the game.
  • Bosses on all story planets and some optional ones.
  • Unique enemies that can use spells and have an aura that buffs other enemies.

  • Gold and resources that can be used to buy items and upgrade techs.
  • Many different items that can be bought in the shop between levels.
  • Ten different tech trees with many different techs that can be upgraded with resources.
  • Very powerful amplifier spells at the end of each tech tree.
  • Never-ending upgrades on weapons and techs (asymptotically balanced).
  • More weapon and spell slots in higher difficulties.

  • Awards (trophies) that you gain by reaching milestones or by doing something special.
  • Detailed statistics to track your progress.
  • Optional hardcore mode (if you die, you can't play more).
  • Customizable gems that can be found or traded with other players.
  • Online highscore lists, community groups and a strategy guide.
Lunar Radiation screenshot
Alpha-version. This does not represent the final product.